Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I was just looking through an entry on Yahoo.
It listed ways to reduce the cost of a "big day...aka wedding day".
I loved the last alternative,
If I ever marry again, I want it to be with the most important people in my life around me, and his with him, without involving any extended family.
I did go down this route a few years back when the bloke I was seeing proposed to me. I didn't get a ring, we didn't plan.
I might be bitter, but next time, if there ever is one...I want it to be just US.

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Chatters said...

Me and Iain (Husband) use to joke about eloping to Gretna Green in Scotland. In the end we had a very quiet wedding with just close family members. That was lovely and more than enough family(-; there was still nearly arguments over the food. I drank an extra glass of bubbly and ignored them.

We also planned the ceremony and everything between just the two of us and then told everyone.

Its definitely a good idea(-: