Friday, 20 February 2009

Just ignore this, if I've told you before!

I love needlecrafts of all types, and have several pairs of scissors that have specific purposes.
When shopping at Asda a few months back I saw this pair of small dressmakers scissors. The scissors themselves are around 7inches in length, including the hand grips, the blades are around 4 inches long. I bought them,because there are times when the normal length dressmakers scissors are too cumbersome, when cutting around armholes and other fine areas.
I have kept them in the pack they were displayed in, one of the reasons being that it says what sort of scissors they are. The second reason is the packaging makes me laugh every time I flip it over and read the reverse side. It says " TO OPEN CAREFULLY CUT PACKAGING WITH SCISSORS" Is it just me and my warped sense of humour that finds this funny? How are you supposed to get the scissors out if you have bought the scissors BECAUSE you don't possess any? Am sorry, it just makes me laugh to think about someone getting them home, and being unable to use them as they have no scissors with which to open the packaging, other than the ones in the pack.

I've been off work for the past week, half term holiday, and have been playing with knitting wool. I've made two "earflap hats" developing the pattern to suit me as I went along. The original earflap hat on a previous post was made from a USA pattern that is not worked how I am used to knitting hats. [It was worked from the crown downwards, which made it very difficult to maneuver.] So I worked out how to knit the hat in the normal UK way, from the brim upwards, working the earflaps first and placing them at the correct place. I am much happier with the second one, the pattern developed from the first to second version. They both have homes to go to. I like the french knitted ties with tassels on the second version, unfortunately I didn't have enough wool left to top the hat with a pompom.

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Blue said...

Perhaps India needs one of your patterns. Most of her caps look okay, but sometimes they look like they'd fly off in a brisk wind.

And I agree about the scissors. If you buy them because you haven't any, then following the instructions is pointless.