Monday, 10 March 2008

What storm?

Our weather forecaster's predicted winds of up to 80 mph, through last night and up to around mid-afternoon today. I realise the whole of the British Isles hasn't got off Scot-free, but we seem to have been pretty fortunate here.

During the night the wind got a little playful, and reached 44mph at 5.53am, but a couple of weeks back it reached 58mph here.

I know this time there was the Spring high tide to contend with, and I believe that it was a 10m high, but we just didn't get the wind. In fact at 1pm, when the tide was high, I walked on the prom and took some pictures of the sea, as you can see, it is almost still, but the tide is high on the sea wall, the steps in the picture go down around 20 feet.

Mind you, it has been known for forecasters to be wrong. What a shame they get paid whether they get it right or wrong.

Still, I would have loved to see some wild water.


Old Bean said...

High tide! With the hotel in view. :D

Sea said...

I'll have to take regular pictures then. Wonder if I have any of the kite festival, if not, will take some this year