Thursday, 6 March 2008

Parent's evening

Well, that time of year came around, again.
It was Edwin's parent's evening today.
I don't know why parents moan about these events. Mind you, I have never had complaints from any teachers, apart from when Sam was still at school, and she kept being ill. So her attendance wasn't up to much.
Anyway, tonight was about Edwin. It was funny, all four teachers I saw all were very pleased with him, and three of them complained that he isn't "vocal" enough in class. I nearly said, "he'll tell you when something is wrong" He's essentially a quite shy boy, and won't speak out unless he has to. Although he does in one lesson, I'm guessing that both the mix of children in that class, and the teacher make him feel more at ease.
As regular readers of this load of claptrap will know, I work at school, or do when I'm fit to. So it was nice to see people. Several wanted to know when I was coming back, and even the head came so speak to me to ask me how my recovery was going. I felt quite touched, especially when one of the teachers I work with told me that she needed me back, in front of the Headmaster.

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