Saturday, 15 July 2017

In and around sunny Morecambe this weekend.

So.....what is happening this weekend in sunny Morecambe?  (Okay, it's not sunny at the moment, but at least the rain has stopped now.)
There's a local friendly football match, or warm up match.  It's Morecambe versus Lancaster City, they're not in the same league, but the takings are going to two local charities, it's not just football, there's a "fun" day going on too. There's the West End Festival in Regent Park, but I expect that the rain might have put a damper on it.  There's Modfest, with a SKA line up at the Winter Gardens tonight.  Viking festival in Heysham over the weekend, AND......... Jump Rush has opened behind the Winter Gardens today.
All great stuff, but why didn't they publicise the opening of Jump Rush more?
Now......I hear you all asking what Jump Rush is?
It's an indoor trampoline park.  Although when I walked past earlier, there seemed to be plenty of people going in and out, so maybe it was publicised in local schools.
Anyway, it looks like Morecambe is looking up.

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