Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Highway Code, it's for ALL road users!

Okay.....you learn to drive then you study the highway code.......
BUT......wait a minute!
The Highway Code outlines how ALL road users should behave.
I'm not getting at motorbike riders, it's cycle riders that get under my skin.  Proper cyclists are aware of the highway code, and don't wind me up.
It's the "occasional cyclists" who annoy the Hell out of me.
They have never even opened a copy of the Highway Code, and blithely cycle hell for leather the wrong way down one way street, and cycle along narrow footpaths without any warning to the other footpath users.....which is really arrogant...when there's a promenade as wide as the road, where cyclists are allowed...
Which would you choose? A three foot footpath...(Maybe 4 foot at a pinch,) or a promenade.....at least 10 feet wide, or more?
And cycling on the wrong side of the road?
To sum up, my thoughts, if you use the road...you should know how to use it properly.

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