Friday, 24 June 2016

Dating sites

I know that I have posted about this before....but one site, I have left open as closing it isn't as straight forward as I would like.
Anyway.....every so often I get email alerts asking me if I am interested in various men.
And I cringe, the photos that are shared don't give the blokes a chance.
I'll try to list  photos that just make me, and any serious woman wanting to find a match, switch OFF.
1) a photo with sunglasses on......hey blokes.....your eyes tell a story that your mouth might not....ditch the sunglasses, especially reflective ones.
2) We don't want to see your six pack, or any other muscled part of your body.
3) don't post X rated's only men who get turned on by opposite sex genitalia......for most women....the opposite sex genitalia is a great source of merriment. (Think that one through guys.)
4)You with a woman of roughly the same age.....OK, she might be your sister, but female brains see a man with his arm around a woman of roughly the same age and see a relationship.
5) This one is really stupid, showing a photo of a superhero/movie/cartoon character....enough said.

So...if there is anyone reading this, put a honest photo of yourself on your profile, you might not be inundated with replies, but the ones you get should be genuine.

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