Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Strange "marketing" strategy!

On Sunday, I was sat knitting when the letter box went. Curious to see what was being put through the door on a Sunday afternoon.....probably yet another takeaway menu.  No! It wasn't, it was a small piece of paper stapled to a cellophane pouch, holding two foil wrapped hearts, I assume that they are chocolate.
Well.....it was Valentine's day. I turned it over, and thought that perhaps some young lady had taken a shine to Edwin, my youngest......but hold on a minute.....no it's not....it has the name of a local religious community at the top.  The wording further down states, "we love our community so we wanted to let you know that".
Then it goes on to give the details of the religious community's meeting times and dates.
Now, I don't know about you, but if their numbers go up next week, I would be highly suspicious, after all......how committed to the religious community would be the new "intake"....after all, if a couple of chocolates popped through a letter box boosts the congregation.....are they the sort of people that are wanted?
Could a religious community buy your membership with a couple of chocolates?  Would you be a true member?
Just asking, because I for one would not, and chocolates give me migraine.

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