Friday, 19 February 2016

And it starts.

Today is officially the last day of employment at the place where I have worked since 4th April 2005.
I have several tasks that I should complete today, and a dentist's appointment.
I only have one thing that I should really do today.
I have also applied for a couple of jobs, and sent my CV to someone who does a lot of networking. (They did ask me for it.)
When I was at the dentist, I noticed that they require a dental nurse. I have done the job before, but don't have any paper qualifications for the job. I might ring the practice manager and ask if it is worth me applying.
The other thing I need to do requires using Edwin's old's only marginally faster than the one I used at work, at least it's not linked to a network to slow things down. If I am successful in finding a job sooner rather than later, I might be able to treat myself to a new pc of my own.
Anyway, blogging is not going to get other stuff done.
I'm trying to be positive about job hunting, that's probably why I am putting off the other thing that I have to do today.

Quick update, now you have to be registered to be a dental nurse, so it's not worth me applying.


walker531 said...

I think that everyone is hanging on to see what the thing you had to do was. I hope that it went ok.

Sea said...

It took me a little longer than anticipated, but I Kindle published a collection of my poetry.
It's called Life, Love and other problems.