Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Revision, guided or individual task?

Just been reading a discussion on the school Facebook page.
Between two pupils.  The school has been closed due to power cuts.  There should have been mock exams for years 11 to 13, and mini mocks for the other years.
The two pupils start out by complaining about the fact that school will be open tomorrow, and pointing out that we are still having unpredicted power cuts.  One points out that the school will be dark if the power goes off, and school will have no way of contacting parents.  All valid points.
However, they go on to discuss the exams that should be happening. And, bear in mind that they have had three days off.....they were complaining that they haven't had any revision sessions.
Excuse me if I am be presumptuous, but they have been at home, most of the time with no power, so why the hell haven't they been revising?
I know it's years since I was at school, but revision sessions were in addition to the normal school day back then. We were expected to revise in our own time.
I would be interested to know if it is just our school who spoon feeds reluctant pupils during lesson time, or is this trend widespread?

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