Thursday, 17 December 2015

A day of annoyances and unusual happenings.

So, today was the final day of the "Afternoon Tea" exams. This is the first exam of the GCSE  catering exam, it's worth 20% of the final marks.
Most of the week has passed without note, however, today we had a "first"......a student flipped out because one of their recipes bombed. Ingredients flew and the student in question left the room, declaring that they had done with catering.
The student was persuaded back into the room, and they finished their exam. Whilst the Teaching Assistant was working on bringing them back to their exam, I cleared their work area, and weighed out the ingredients for the remaining recipe.
I also looked at what caused the "meltdown", a Swiss roll that wouldn't, decided there was enough to save.
The student came back. I suggested that they turn the Swiss roll into a sponge sandwich....and that was agreeable, and then I talked the student through their fourth recipe.....I felt so happy that the student completed their exam, and might have put themself on target for a great final grade.
On the negative side, I encountered someone who thought that it is OK to correct another person's pronunciation of certain words......I have been brought up to view this as the height of rudeness, as there are regional variations in pronunciation, and to correct it is being crass. The person who thought that how they spoke was the only way really annoyed me, and as I was in a situation where I couldn't express what I'd been brought up to accept ......I just couldn't express my feelings, and views.....I still have an intact tongue, which is a wonder.

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