Sunday, 26 July 2015

Thanks, everyone.

I bet you are wondering what I am saying thanks for, and who to?
Well, if you are reading this......YOU! Amongst everyone else who reads, or has read, my blog.
Because I have had over 40,000 pageviews, which I am assured by a friend of mine, is a lot for a blog.....well, when the writer is not famous in any form.
So, again. Many thanks to all my readers and followers.
I'll try to carry on writing here, sometimes going off on unanticipated tangents.
I find that life has a habit of throwing the unexpected in my path at times, and then I have to find a way of getting through things.
My life looks to be taking an unplanned change of direction in the future.  I don't want it to, and have gathered as much information as I can to help me resist the possible change, but I'm only a little fish in a big pond, and might not be able to resist, despite some of the bigger fish wanting to help me, I might end up either swimming up stream, or going with the current, but I hope to make the best of whatever happens.

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