Saturday, 4 July 2015

Strange encounter

Last year, every time that I went out on a Saturday, during the summer months, I seemed to encounter someone being strange.....
Well, it's restarted.  Must be the warm weather conditions that brings them out.
This afternoon I set off for a walk with Shadow. I was walking along, minding my own business, when this man, more than a little tipsy, asked me where he could find a room for the night. I pointed out the 'hotel' he was knocking on the door of, wasn't a hotel, but the one next door was.
He came down to the pavement and started chatting at me.  He wasn't making entire sense, not even a pinch of sense. He said I have beautiful eyes and was a gentle soul...then asked me to meet him this evening.  I declined, as a) I didn't know him, b) he was drunk ....and c) even if he meant it, he was so drunk, he either would be worse later, or not turn up due to sleeping it off. sum up......summer is here, as the nutters are back in town.

And......on a sad tinged thought.  The love of my life met me in similar circumstances, he wasn't quite so tipsy, but I still love him, despite him having left for his home country, because he had no job.

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