Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer Break

I finished work for the summer break on 23rd July. I didn't plan much for the first two days.  On Friday I had an epidural pain killing injection for my spinal stenosis. The instructions from the hospital was to take it easy for 24 hours. The day after the injection I made a list of tasks that I would like to complete during the summer. I've done over half of them already, although one will take quite a while as it is doing the emulsion painting in my hall, stairs and landings. (Victorian terraced house.) So not a job that can be done in a day. I stripped the remaining paper, and now have to go round with the filler, and then touch up the gloss paint in a few places. I already have a feeling of achievement by finishing the stripping.
Some of the other tasks I can't do yet as they are appointments to be kept.

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