Thursday, 28 August 2014

Beware, knitting needles!

I have just joined a Facebook group for knitters. A couple of days ago, a member posted about trying to buy knitting needles from a charity shop. I knew about this, but obviously she didn't. When she asked for knitting needles, she was told that they were kept "under the counter", as they were classed as dangerous weapons!  Yes, you read that correctly, in case you didn't know, knitting needles are dangerous weapons. The finer metal ones possibly, but a size 7mm plastic would be more likely to shatter.
As I said, I did already know about this and had been told that they weren't allowed to sell them, and had to bin any knitting needles, so the lady in question was lucky to be able to buy her "contraband".
Just another illustration that the world has indeed gone crazy.
For any readers in the USA, I think your equivalent is a thrift store.

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