Thursday, 23 January 2014


I have noticed that there have been stories in the News about the influx of immigrants that will come "flooding" into the country now restrictions have been lifted.
If you  believed some of the stories, we should be finding it difficult to walk around without bumping into a Romanian or a Bulgarian.
Have you fallen over vast swathes of the aforementioned people whenever you go out?  No, me neither.
For even one person to come over here, it means giving up the life they are used to, leaving their friends and extended family behind.  It means coming to a country where they more often than not, do not speak the language, do not know the ways and customs of the country.  They are giving up what might be a very poor living, but at least they are familiar with it and know what to expect, in the hope of having a better lifestyle in a country where they will have to make adaptations to their lifestyle to fit in.
With all that in mind, are we really going to be "flooded" with immigrants?
I seriously don't think so.  The people who come here will be determined to make a better life for themselves.  They'd have to be in order to give up everything that is familiar to them and start afresh.
One thing that the scaremongers have missed out on is....if these people can come here, then surely the reverse is true, and we could emigrate to another EU country.
Personally, I think the immigrants who come here to work are very brave to give up what they know in search of a better lifestyle. 
And as for them "taking our jobs".  That is a sweeping statement if ever I heard one.  Yes, the jobs are there, but they are often jobs that many of the UK unemployed think are beneath them, either in skill level or wage level.
There are quite a few Polish live near me, and many of the men are qualified engineers and electricians, but they are just doing any job rather than be jobless. 
So, my point here willing would you be to give up everything you are familiar with, and move 100s or 1000s of miles from your home in search of a better life?
I know I wouldn't, unless I had someone very special in the new place.

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