Friday, 10 January 2014

Promises to myself for 2014

I always think resolutions are difficult to keep, so I'm not making any, but I am promising myself that I will do certain things.
So here goes...
I promise to be kinder to myself and not torture myself about what I shouldn't eat and drink.  I will try to eat more of what is good for me, and less of what is bad for me.
I'm going to continue denting my yarn stash, and try my best to dent my fabric stash.
I'll read, but then again, seeing as my idea of hell is no books, that is easy to keep.
I'll try not to spend money on frivolous things.  (I don't do this much anyway.)
I'm going to try not to leave Yule gift buying/making to the last minute.
Try to stop myself getting stressed at times, as this just triggers problems with my asthma.
And lastly, I will try my best to finish decorating the stairs and landings, and possibly give the kitchen a coat of paint, and maybe the bathroom.
If I can manage to do these things, perhaps I won't feel so lonely.
I'm going to continue trying out a new recipe per week.  I've already tried two this week, minestrone soup and apple strudel.
As a last mention, I did knit a swatch of entrelac knitting before 2013 left us, so that one is another first.  I can now confidently knit the cardigan I want to make in it as I now know what I'm doing, and it's a lot easier than I thought it would be.

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