Friday, 21 June 2013

Time for celebration :)

I have my desktop pc back, no more dodgy laptop with missing keys on the keyboard.
Also, Happy Solstice to one and all.
It's been a lovely day here in Morecambe.  There's a bit of a wind getting up right now, but otherwise it is still fine.
I have at least one post stored on my memory stick, the lovely owl one I got for Mother's Day, but I couldn't load it via the laptop as it had an older version of word than I had written the post in.  And I couldn't post at work, because of the filter that stops the students going on sites that they shouldn't for various reasons.
So, I'm back and will be posting more regularly.
I should say a special thanks to Stephen  from work who sorted my pc out.  Thanks, Stephen, whirly sweets will be with you by Monday.

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