Thursday, 11 March 2010

Visit To Mum and Dad's

Yesterday I went straight from work to Mum and Dad's.
On Sunday, as well as being Mother's Day here in the UK, tiz my Dad's birthday,.
Weekends are crazy for I visited yesterday.
In 1974 we moved from Tintwistle to Catterall. In 1980, Mum and Dad bought their first ever house..of their own...before that we had lived in rented accommodation.
Where Mum and Dad bought their house, has now changed so much. Recent building around has almost doubled the family accommodation, but....the local school has only had one classroom extra built on!
The upshot is..that children from families who have lived in the area for a generation, or more, are being told that their child has to go to another primary school. Why do the county council allow this building without the appropriate facilities?
If you drive from Preston to Lancaster, by way of the A6, there is a school in Bilsborrow, and then the one at Kirkland [aka Churchtown] , the next is in Forton. If you go along the B road into Garstang, yes there are three schools there, but the potential housing is way and above the places available.
Why keep building family homes in an area where the school places are lacking? Garstang High will only have so many places, due to it's location...there is only limited scope for expansion. When will the planners wake up?

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