Sunday, 14 March 2010

Insurance again!

This article caught my eye. It doesn't, however, give one very good tip. mind you seeing as the article is littered by insurance adverts, there's a strong possibility that it might be a sponsored article.
My tip is, before your student child goes to university and lives away from home, by all means make sure that they are covered with insurance for the belongings they take with them. However, what it doesn't say is.....before taking out individual insurance for them, check your own household insurance, as many cover for events like this. Mine does, it gives cover for up to £5,000 worth of belongings in circumstances like this. How do I know this? Because Oliver is in student accommodation, and we checked. I do appreciate not all policies will cover, but as a general rule of thumb, check your household insurance, a good household policy might mean slightly higher premiums, but in the long run could save money, as you won't have to take out several smaller policies, covering individual circumstances.

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