Saturday, 12 July 2008

It WAS my birthday!!!!

Well, this last week I have been busy at work again, and on Thursday, it was my birthday.
Still managed to get a couple of swims in, doing a decent amount of swimming each time.
My birthday....dunno why...I enjoyed it in a low key way, got some lovely presents, and a very special card from a very special person in my life.
The weather this week has been rubbish, most of the time, although not too rubbish. It tended to rain in the mornings, and had clear up by 11am. But getting washing dry was a pain.
I got a pressie from OLD BEAN, which I am sure will get some use during the summer break from school.
Well, the Kite Festival has come around again, and provided the wind doesn't drop completely, it should be good day tomorrow. Will try to get some photos and post them on here.
Oh!!! and before I disappear, my wall cupboards are up in the ktchen, at long last, just need to fasten the spice rack on the inside of one of the doors.

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