Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Visiting the job centre

I had to go to the jobcentre today to sign on.
As I was waiting to see my "job coach", I couldn't help overhearing the person who was with her. It seems that he has the appointment before me, as he was there the previous time.
This man doesn't have a quiet voice, and I didn't mean to overhear part of the conversation. (In fact, it was difficult not to hear him.)
He was finding fault with jobs on offer, and I heard him say, well "that's a woman's job, they wouldn't want an ugly mug like me doing that."
The "job coach" didn't seem to correct him.
I was under the impression that when claiming support, you are required to apply for any posts that you think that you could do. In fact it does say something along those lines in the "contract".
In my opinion there are very few jobs that are gender specific these days. The only limits that you should put on yourself are not applying for something that you have no relevant qualifications for, and don't apply for anything that you are physically unable to do.

Sorry for the "soapbox" moment, but thinking along those lines is outdated.

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