Friday, 21 November 2014

By election victory!.....Really?

I don't usually blog about anything political, but two things have caught my attention after the last two by elections.
My points to ponder are......OK, UKIP have got two MPs, but they were both the sitting are the electorate voting for UKIP,  or are they just happy with how the MP, whatever his coat, represents them?
I for one would love to see how they fare in an area where the MP is NOT defecting to UKIP.....I think that might result in a different outcome.
My second point is, if the Tories did not have a majority, how many more defections can they stand, before the Tories, plus the lib dems aren't a majority?
Is it possible that the sitting government could be faced with being a minority?
I'm just puzzling these things.
Any answers, ideas.....send on a sealed down envelope, or postcard to........!

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