Sunday, 18 August 2013

I'll get the end

If you follow this blog, you will know that I am in the process of decorating my stairs and landings.  In a three storey Victorian terrace house, it entails a lot of wood work.
I finally got everything sanded down and ready to paint and on Wednesday intended to start the painting.....only to find that I only had very narrow paint brushes.  Good for fiddly bits but no good for a huge cupboard , three more cupboard doors and four more doors.  So on Thursday I bought wider paint brushes, but as Mum had been here for the day, no work done. Friday, after a doctor's appointment and I was thinking of starting, Oliver let me know that he was going to be home for the weekend.
Which brought me around to today.  I decided I would make a start, and stop wasting time.  Guess what?  The undercoat has gone solid in the tin, so now I need to buy paint.  I am debating buying some of the one-coat gloss, so that I will only have to paint each surface the once.  This job has gone on long enough, and it's about time I put paid to the delays and got stuck in.
Next time I blog, I will most probably have white streaks in my hair, as I seem incapable of painting without getting it in my hair.
After the gloss is done I can then emulsion all the ceilings, and strip the remainder of the paper, prior to painting the walls with emulsion.  A warm sunny colour above the dado rail and Victorian red below.

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Michael Gradwell said...

I think you have to learn to enjoy painting Sea. Listen to your favourite music and don't be disturbed. I prefer painting to gardening as the results last longer but I am learning to enjoy gardening too.