Saturday, 10 July 2010

best pubs?
I wonder if they are really the best pubs in UK?
I do know of two others that could possibly make it onto this list.
One being the Ty Coch Inn at Porth Dinllaen, as it is on the beach!
The other is closer to home, it being The Golden Ball, otherwise known as "Snatchems". It has quite a history, as drinkers can be cut off there at high tide, at certain times of the year. The Press Gang would make it one of their "ports of call" and it is rumoured that they would "recruit" drunks stranded there, and by the time the "recruit" had sobered up the ship would be well at sea as the River Lune is at it's very lowest reaches there, with open sea only a matter of minutes away.
I'm sure there are many more interesting pubs that could make it onto the list.

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