Friday, 11 June 2010

Politics at work?

Just a short post.
Apparently one of the departments I work for, want my predecessor back! Why? Cos she is not as contentious as I am, and is quite willing to take a break and chat, rather than do her job! The person in question is lovely, but it hurts that they would want someone less efficient in place of me!

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Blue said...

Considering the kind of people who are "in charge" at that school, it's not surprising. I've been in a similar position in the past. I worked at a local medical centre in the 90s on a temporary work assignment and there was one woman who didn't like me. Not so much because I was an excellent worker, but because I got along with everyone, especially someone she didn't like. I was there for many months longer than originally planned and when the time came to fill the position permanently, everyone assumed I would be given it. Because of the influence of the woman who hated me, I got nothing. The person who was hired left work early nearly every day and was often wandering the medical centre rather than doing her work.

I'm sorry you're constantly put in stressful positions at that school. It's unfair and just not right.