Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Idiot Motorists!

OK...no apologies here
There are plenty of idiot motorists about.
For instance...the lady who was waiting for her car to warm up...with snow all over it and spraying her water bottles in minus temperatures.
Or what about the mobile snowballs...who only wish to get their cars going...and forget that they need to have their lights and number plates visible.
Then we have the idiots who insist on doing the speed limit..or perhaps more...despite the fact that the driving conditions are difficult.
I am not an angel...by any stretch of the imagination...but it took me from 10am this morning until gone 6pm to do several small jobs.
I had appointments in Galgate at 11.30am and Noon..then I needed to deliver pressies to Catterall, and Forton, then drop my son off in Lancaster. Then I went to Asda.
I arrived there around 15.30...I know this as I rang Edwin to see if he knew of anything we may want. I was through the checkout by 16.30.
I then sat in a queue until around 18.oo-18.15!
A wagon had ended up on it's side at the large roundabout, and the weather was making the traffic signals temperamental...coming out of Asda...the green light was only showing for 5-10 seconds
Over the next two days...if I want anything from the shops..I will walk...if I can't get it..it ain't necessary.

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